How can Homebox support service managers?

Your company helps its clients to work unhindered, to rise to the challenges of new projects, and constantly find new clients... Boost your clients’ sales with additional workspaces!
HOMEBOX has the turnkey solution!

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Storage solutions for your representatives all over Spain.


We work with Homebox and partner centres all over Spain to guarantee unrivalled local access.

HOMEBOX Spain boasts centres in more than 40 Spanish towns and cities. This means we can offer you a 100% secure solution that is immediately accessible to your sales force and staff.

A dedicated account manager at your service to meet your needs!

A more professional, straightforward way of working.


HOMEBOX can help your business grow. Whether it is a new project for one of your clients, or new representatives with new targets... we have the space you need.

Save time by trusting us to receive your clients’ goods.

Boost profits and efficiency.

We have the flexible solution you need.