The HOMEBOX Franchise

Find out who we are, what we do and why you should join the market leader

HOMEBOX is France’s first and Europe’s second self-storage brand.

Founded in 1996 by Nicolas Rousselet, HOMEBOX has made self-storage solutions a success in France and beyond for over 25 years.

All our franchises provide secure separate storage for hire, no matter who needs it, from individuals and professionals to large businesses. Our storage centres also stock boxes and packaging accessories for sale.

The HOMEBOX franchise network reaches every part of the country, from large cities to smaller towns. Our network currently has over 140 storage centres across France and abroad. We are continuing to develop our business by opening a dozen new storage centres every year.

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15 years’ experience
in franchise operations
n°1 self-storage
In France
78 M€ of Sales en 2021

Why choose HOMEBOX?

A growing market

The self-storage market is booming and becoming a widespread activity with a significant growth potential. For comparison, the number of self-storage centres per inhabitant in Germany remains far below that of English-speaking markets and, more specifically, ten times lower than the US market.

*IFOP Awareness barometer for HOMEBOX

A standard-bearer

HOMEBOX is today one of the largest self-storage operators in Europe with more than 140 centres across the continent.
When you choose HOMEBOX, you are choosing to be a part of the Rousselet Group, a French family-run group with a robust, sustainable standing (revenue of approximately €280 million in 2020) and a network of 15,000 independent, committed entrepreneurs.

France’s best-known self-storage brand

Twenty-five years after it was founded, HOMEBOX is a major player in the sector and has over 140 centres dotted around Europe. It continues to grow and develop thanks to the dozen new self-storage centres opened every year.

*IFOP Awareness barometer for HOMEBOX

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Who can start a HOMEBOX franchise?

The profiles of our franchisees range from property owners to entrepreneurs looking to delve into the self-storage business and even those who already run independent centres but want to leverage the networking effects of HOMEBOX. Our business can be run as a main activity or even an ancillary one.

Do you have a building that you want to develop to capture an income stream?

You only need to fund the cost of fitting out the building.

Average set-up period: 6–12months

4-week training

Do you own land in a prime location that you want to develop?

We will guide you on the construction and preparation.

Average set-up period: 12–24months

4-week training

Do you have financial assets and want to invest?

We can guide you in selecting the property and then through the rest of the development.

Average set-up period: > 24 months

4-week training

Open a HOMEBOX franchise

Investment and entry conditions

  • Entry fee
    From €20,000
  • Minimum personal investment
    100 000 €
  • Average area required for a centre
    500–7,000 m²
  • Royalties
    7% of monthly revenue excl. VAT
  • National advertising
    3% of monthly revenue excl. VAT

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How can I become a franchisee?

1 Application

Use the form below to apply.

2 Project study

We meet and discuss the project together.

3 Validation

We sign a contract together and then the project can begin!

4 Training and opening

We monitor the project together, we train you, and we will be there with you when you open up your centre.

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