Estimate the price for your unit

How are prices calculated?

Searching for a price for a HOMEBOX furniture storage unit? Our unit prices vary depending on different criteria: unit size, availability, geographic location of our HOMEBOX furniture storage unit center and the location of the unit within the center (first floor or upstairs).

Our prices are all-inclusive :

  • No additional costs either at the beginning or end of the contract. Access to the unit is free and unlimited once the contract is signed
  • No application fees
  • Self-service trucks are available to transport your belongings

 For more information on our unit insurance options

Insurance is obligatory for stored furniture. You can choose to insure your unit with insurance offered by a HOMEBOX intermediary. This insures property stored in your unit against fire, explosion, water damage, and breaking and entering for a monthly price of 14€ incl. tax/month insured for 5000€ (superior warranties available).
Want to find out how much it costs to rent a HOMEBOX storage unit?

Here you’ll find all the information you need. A number of factors affect the cost of renting a storage unit, including your chosen HOMEBOX centre and your own particular needs. Let us help you find the storage unit that’s right for you. 

At HOMEBOX, we are constantly working hard to bring you the best possible storage solution at the best possible price, whatever your storage needs: temporary furniture storage units for when you’re moving house or carrying out home improvements, or long-term storage for business stock or life circumstances, such as working abroad or a lack of space at home. Tell us what you need and we’ll offer you the best solution at the best price.

Quotes for HOMEBOX storage units

It can be complex to give you a rough idea of how much a HOMEBOX storage unit costs, because pricing varies between cities and for different sizes of storage units. But we can tell you how we set our prices. The following criteria dictate the cost of our storage units: 

The location of your desired HOMEBOX centre

Just like a hotel room in the middle of a major city will be priced differently to a room on the outskirts of a small town, pricing at our HOMEBOX centres varies greatly with their locations. There are significant differences between Madrid, Barcelona, major Spanish cities, and towns with a lower cost per square metre. Because of this, our prices will vary depending on the city where you choose to rent a storage unit. 

Our advice would be that unless you need to visit your storage unit often, opt for one away from the city centre.

Units storage sizes

HOMEBOX offers a range of furniture storage units from 1m² all the way up to 50m² if that’s what you need. We have all sizes of storage unit available. Storage units under 10m² have a clearance of 0.5m², and units up to 20m² have a clearance of 1m². To get a quote for your storage unit, the first thing you need to know is what size you need.

Not sure which size to choose? Don’t worry, you have two options: 

  • Assess the size of your storage unit
  • Get in touch with your HOMEBOX advisor in your nearest centre, or freephone 3007 (from Spain)

Read our tips for choosing the storage unit size that’s right for you on our website.

Top tip: some customers tend to overestimate the size of storage unit they need, and therefore request quotes for units that are bigger, and therefore more expensive. Take the time to contact a HOMEBOX advisor so you don’t end up paying for more than you need.

Storage unit specifications

To draw another comparison to hotels, rooms located on the upper floors are more expensive than those on lower floors. In HOMEBOX centres, the opposite is true! The most popular units are found on street level and near the entrance, or even more convenient, in “drive-in” areas with direct access for cars.

Upon request, we can also install shelving and racks in premium storage units. Premium storage units are rare and tend to cost more than units with the same specifications, but on a higher floor. But in any case, all of our storage centres are come with service lifts, trolleys, and pallets to make your life easier.

Top tip: in some HOMEBOX centres, some areas are only accessible during office hours. These are cheaper than units that area available 24/7.


Although all of our storage units have a full range of security features, with alarms, smoke detectors, and CCTV, you still need to insure your items in storage.  You can insure your box with HOMEBOX’s insurance partner. This insurance provides cover of up to €5000 for your belongings in the storage unit, against fire, explosions, water damage, and breaking and entering, for a monthly cost of €14 including VAT. (other options are available).

Our storage unit pricing includes everything:

  • No additional costs when signing or cancelling your contract. Access is free and unlimited, from the moment you sign the contract. 
  • No management fees
  • Free use of trolleys to move your belongings.

The HOMEBOX extra: in most HOMEBOX centres, we can lend you a van to transport your belongings to the storage unit (in participating centres, see specific conditions at your local HOMEBOX)  

Check the costs of HOMEBOX storage units in major Spanish cities:

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • SiIf you would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to ask for an online quote from your nearest centre.