What can Homebox do for shopkeepers?

Your work? From bulk buying to retail sales. Between the two there’s a need for storage.
Whether you run an online, high-street, or pop-up store, go for a HOMEBOX box: the only solution as flexible as your business.

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Stock management: the crucial factor for shopkeepers and online retailers.


Whether you have an online, high-street, or pop-up market stall, you always need to manage your stock.

At HOMEBOX we have the space you need, for as long as you need it.



Boost your stock to keep all your projects moving.


Know that with a self-storage box, you have the space you need to store all kinds of items.

Having more stock close at hand will mean no customer walks away.

HOMEBOX brings you the best solution for storing and receiving your goods.



Protect your stored stock with a secure Homebox storage unit.


Our storage units are all equipped with a 24/7 alarm system.