Organize and store your archives in total security

Archives can be a hassle for businesses and government bodies.
Stop wasting valuable office space and store your archives in a HOMEBOX box!

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Store your archives to save space


Files take up a lot of space but you hardly ever look at them!

Choose a solution that optimizes your space, keep them in a convenient, secure space, local to you!





Your files are at hand when you need them


We are providing this service at HOMEBOX and partner centres in more than 40 Spanish towns and cities.

Get 24/7 access so that you can browse or pick up your files whenever you need them.

At HOMEBOX, your documents will be kept safe, secure, and in good condition.





Store your archives as you see fit.


At HOMEBOX we have packaging materials and boxes available for you to buy. Everything you need to organise your documents.

We provide flexibility and security so that your business saves time and hassle!